Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs in Orlando

One of the most common questions we get asked at our wig salon in Orlando:

Which should I choose, synthetic or human hair?

Today I am going to share with you some of our industry insider secrets.

First, let me tell you about Synthetic Hair Wigs

Today’s better quality synthetic wigs are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, except to the most practiced eye. Synthetic wigs are easier to care for and lower priced. The monofilament fiber “hair” used to make synthetic wigs has “memory” which means it maintains its wave or curl, texture, and volume, requiring minimal upkeep. Synthetic wigs, however, are not designed to accept a permanent wave or color change and can be permanently damaged using curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers.

Second, let’s look at Human Hair

A human hair wig is the most natural looking option. It can be cut, styled, permed, or colored to suit your personal taste. Human hair wigs are more durable than synthetic wigs. However, human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs and require more care. They must be shampooed, dried, styled and conditioned, just like your natural hair. Like your hair, they can lose their style if they get wet and frizz on humid days. If you feel that you are not able to provide the care required of a human hair wig, we recommend our 100% synthetic wigs that offer a natural look and will retain the style better than a 100% human hair wig.

There are four basic types of human hair used in wigs: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Caucasian (also called European hair). Most human hair wigs are made from Chinese or Indian hair. Caucasian/European is the strongest, most durable human hair for wig making. However, this type of hair is not as readily available and is the most expensive. Premier Hair Enhancements hair is kept in the same direction when making a wig or hairpiece as when cut from the donor’s head. This additional attention to detail maintains the hair cuticle in the same direction for each hair, which, in turn, reduces tangling. Premier Hair Enhancements carries only Caucasian/European human hair wigs. Our products are designed and created specifically for Premier Hair Enhancements from our own factory in China.

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