👑 PHE carries several different hair products specializing in medical wigs, fashion wigs, toupeess and ponytails.

PHE has the exclusive NFP wig (new French part), which allows the client to part the wig in the direction they are used to wearing there natural hair. The hand stitching creates the allusion of a natural scalp. This is most important for women who are going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments or who have alopecia.

The NFP wig comes in synthetic or 100% human hair. We have several different styles and colors, custom-designed, from a hand-sewn top to a completely hand-sewn cap. The NFP wig is the most natural, comfortable, and current wig available for medical patients today. This is an excellent product for women who have an active lifestyle or are in a professional environment.

PHE also offers completely machine-sewn wigs for women who are looking for an inexpensive way to change their color, style, and length or for just covering up a bad hair day!

PHE not only carries the highest quality and most comprehensive selection of medical and fashion wigs, but we also have a salon in the shop, which allows us to custom-design our products to fit the needs of our clients. We have the ability to cut, color, highlight, lowlight, thin, or even add hair to our products.

“PHE is the only shop or salon in the Orlando area that offers a complete salon experience when purchasing a medical or fashion wig.”

PHE offers custom-made Hair Extension Clips. Our hair extension clips are handmade from 100% European human hair. We take the client’s scalp measurements and match the extension hair to the client’s natural hair. PHE offers extension clips in a set of 5 tracks. This is a great product for women who are looking for length, fullness, lowlights, or highlights without damaging their natural hair but are not able to commit to full protein-bonded extensions.

Hair Extension Services

PHE provides full-hair extension services. We use only top-quality 100% European human hair and a protein bonding technique that will not damage your hair or scalp. Sarah Park has over 15 years of experience with protein-bonded extension hair. Extensions are excellent for women who are looking for length, fullness, highlights or lowlights but don’t want to damage their natural hair and don’t want to fool with taking the extensions in and out. We have all of our extension hair in stock. Protein-bonded hair extensions take between 4-5 hours to apply and require upkeep every 4-6 weeks. Protein Bonded Hair extensions are a semi-permanent process that allows you to do everything with your extensions that you would do with your natural hair. Call or stop in for a free consultation to see if Extensions are right for you!

PHE carries a variety of Ponytails and Half Wigs in stock. PHE also custom-designs its hair pieces from 100% human hair.

Toupee Services

PHE is the only shop/salon in the area that carries the one-of-a-kind HIMO system which allows us to custom design toupees for men and women with alopecia or thinning hair. PHE works exclusively with our own factory to create a hand-sewn toupee with the exact size and shape and color of our client’s scalp/hair. Toupees are a product that needs to be fitted and created for each individual. Because we have an in house salon, we are able to match our colors exactly to the client’s natural hair, thus providing an absolutely natural look. PHE by far, has the most natural, highest quality toupees on the market today. With our private salon area, and our 15 years experience with toupees each client leaves feeling younger, more comfortable and most of all more confident!

“We here at PHE pride ourselves on the end result being that no one can tell you are wearing a toupee!”

We are open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.